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Martin Baylis Engineering

The power unit is a Kingdon type gas fired vertical boiler and a three cylinder double acting, slide valve engine. These are mounted on a 3mm thick aluminium plate with the removable gas cylinder and gas attenuator. After removing the gas cylinder, the whole unit can be removed in one piece, complete with the two engine servos. The steam unit is supplied by Martin Baylis Engineering.

“Project X” Steam Unit

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A dedicated steam unit for this model is manufactured by Martin Baylis Engineering consisting of;- a light weight vertical boiler, twin cylinder steam engine, rechargeable gas tank and oil separator. All steam plant components are mounted on a single aluminium plate with the exception of the oil separator which sits on wooden cradles within the model. All pipe work is supplied formed and all connections and joints made. It is then a simple matter of fitting this assembly into the model.

‘Henry’ Steam Unit