The ‘Henry’

The deck house lifts off for access to the removable gas cylinder and the gas attenuator.

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The rudder, transom, bulkheads, interior benches, coal boxes and sheerstrake are constructed from various thickness of pre-cut pear sheet. The stand is pre-cut in 3mm ply as are some of the interior substructures.

The floors and splash guards next the engine are wood laminated onto pre-cut, 1.5mm aluminium  sheet. This is to prevent any warping from the heat of the steam unit. (Coal not provided).

Scale - 1:6

Length Overall:-  30.5”-776mm

Max Beam over rubbing strake - 12.125” - 308mm.

Max draft over skeg -  3.25” - 82mm.

MAX Displacement -. 8.5 lbs - 3.83 kilos

The hull is an epoxy resin fibreglass moulding. The keel is constructed from three pre-cut layers of 3 mm beech with three layers of pre-cut pear at the stem. The interior planking is from 1.5mm pre-cut styrene sheet. The ribs and risings are in styrene strip. The gratings are assembled from 3.5mm x 3.5mm pre-cut lime (Not shown). The decks and bottom boards are cut from 1.5mm lime.

Various sizes of pear and lime strip are provided. The fairleads and skeg are brass castings. The bitts are pre-machined from beech. The rudder gudgeons and pintles are machined brass. Stainless steel bolts and washers and brass ferrules are provided.

(Note: Cordage not provided)

Internal construction showing servo placement

Radio control layout in stern of model.

(Note - Radio control equipment not included in kit)

Foredeck detail

Marten & Howes